The Videos that provided me with a Platform ..

In 2015, I filmed and uploaded a video which shows my research team extracting a plastic straw from the nostril of a marine turtle in Costa Rica. 

Ever since the video has provided fuel for the anti-single-use-plastic movement. 

Not as much attention received another viral video of mine that shows my research team removing ghost fishing gear from a marine turtle in 2016.

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Selection of International Press Coverage of My Work
TV & Film Appearances

2021 | Die Schildkrötenretterin: der ewige Kampf gegen Plastik (SAT.1-Akte, 04/2021)

2020 | Christine Figgener: Ihr Kampf gegen Umweltverschmutzung geht weiter (RTL-Explosiv, 2020/09/14)

2020 | Smarter Every Day: E239 Everything about Sea Turtles (YouTube)

2019 | Diese Frau befreit Meerestiere von Plastik (RTL-EXPLOSIV, 2019/11/19)

2019 | The Nature of Things: Turtle Beach (S58E17) (CBC production, featured researcher)

2018 | La Vie Secrète d'un nid de tortues marines (ARTE production, featured researcher)

2018 | Nature’s Turtle Nursery (BBC production, featured researcher)

2018 | What is the Real Impact of the #strawban? (ALJAZEERA -The Stream, 2018/07/23)

2017 | STRAWS (a documentary film about single-use plastics)

2014 | Paula und die wilden Tiere (BR production)
              -Wie Schildkröten Eier legen (E50)

              -Fit wie ein Faultier (E51)

              -Warum nickt der Leguan? (E52)

Podcasts & Radio Appearances

2022 | Rewildology – "Ep. 61 | To Spend One Day in Her Shoes: Stories from a Marine Biologist with Christine Figgener, PhD"

2021 | Good Viral – "Interview with Dr. Christine Figgener"

2021 | Stuff To Blow Your Mind – "A Chat About Sea Turtles with Christine Figgener"

2021 | Fancy Scientist "#66: Sea Turtles and Straws with Christine Figgener"

2021 | So You Want to be a Marine Biologist  "Chris Figgener, PhD: Sea Turtles, Plastics, And Pivotal Moments (#55)"

2021 | The Darin Olien Show – "#80 Christine Figgener on Sea Turtles vs. Single-use Plastics

2021 | Helden der Meere – "Rettung der Schildkröten - mit Meeresbiologin Dr. Christine Figgener"

2020 | Into the Wilderness with Byron Pace   "#171 Science Shorts: Christine Figgener, Ph.D., Sea Turtle Conservation"

2020 | Science Vs. – "Coronavirus: Labs Go Dark" (Gimlet)

2020 | SprechLoud  – "Die Deutsche Umweltheldin"

2020 | Yakademia - "E09: Episode 9: Research Hurdles and Sea Turtles - Chris Figgener

2019 | Unsere Umwelthelden (Radio Vest, 2019/12)

2019 | Wildly Opinionated  "E14: The Sea Turtle Straw Lady"

2019 | Speak Up For Blue – “SUFB 806: Sea Turtle Week with Christine Figgener

2019 | The Informaniacs – "Christine Figgener aka the "Sea-Turtle-Straw Lady" (WTAW, 2019/04/22)

2019 | 1Live (WDR, 2019/04/12)

2019 | Let’s Rethink Food – “E7: Safeguarding Earth with Food” (EAT-Lancet)

2018 | Science Vs. – “Plastics: The Final Straw?”(Gimlet)

2018 | Higher Ed Social – “Christine Figgener & the Sea Turtles” (ConnectEDU Network)